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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with Illuminare’s treatment and other companies in the regenerative medicine field?


At Illuminare Wellness Center we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of care, and using the most documented and safest treatments.

We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment like Hyperbaric chambers, PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) therapy, shockwave therapy, and more. By combining these tools with advanced peptides and a holistic approach to better health with diet and nutrition we can achieve tangible results. 


There has been a push across the United States over the past few years for treatments such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). These procedures may have limited effects in some people but generally take much longer and are regarded as less effective.

When utilizing our treatment regimes, our patients have experienced quicker and better results. We can not say that everyone will have all their pain points resolved, but we have treated thousands of people with substantially positive results.


Contact us for a consultation for information specific to your case.


Are there side effects?


Generally speaking, aside from the initial pain at the injection site, the patient will not experience any discomfort. Less than 10% of patients have developed a minor fever, headache, and or nausea. However, these side effects have never lasted more than three days and usually resolve within 24 hours. No long term negative side effects have been reported.



How long until I see results?


Each treatment and patient is unique, and there is no guarantee of what results will be seen or how quickly they may be observed. Some patients have commented on changes felt during the course of their treatment, others have experienced improvement within 6 months. Some patients do not improve at all after treatment, but this is extremely rare and any risk of this will be explained before the procedure is agreed on.


Does smoking or drinking impact results?


Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking can both be detrimental for healing. It is highly advisable that people do not smoke or drink during their treatment.



Will I be prescribed any drugs?


Typically, the doctors do not prescribe any medication as a part of your treatment. However, they do advise a circulatory system enhancing supplement regime following treatment. It is advised to not use inflammation reducing drugs such as NSAIDS during the treatment or immediately after, this is to allow for therapies to hone in on areas needing regeneration.

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