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Though we cannot guarantee that all your individual pain points  will be resolved, we have treated thousands of patients all with varying degrees of success. Below is a selection of a few of their experiences. 

Rob Gronkowski

‘I took a big shot in my quad during the championship game while playing my final year for The New England Patriots before retirement. My quad was really beaten up, swollen, and full of scar tissue and that is when I discovered Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine treatments helped replenish my quad and helped speed up the recovery process. My favorite treatment is the Superman Protocol, it is the supreme top-of-the-line treatment to help your body recover faster. I experienced such incredible results, I renamed the Superman protocol “The Gronk Protocol!” Regenerative Medicine helped me to make my comeback to the NFL. During my recovery, I was signed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I played longer and harder than I did in my 20s and went on to win my 4th Superbowl!’

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Ryan Klesko

Atlanta Braves
- MLB’s 

“I tore the meniscus in my knee.  I was coaching my eleven-year-old son’s All-Star baseball team and was throwing the ball every day and my neck pain was also bothering me from my past surgeries. I received regenerative treatments on my knee and went on a hiking trip and walked 100 miles a month later and my knee has never bothered me again. I’m feeling better than ever. Today, I’m lifting weights, running, coaching, and doing batting practice with my son.”

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Defensive Lineman Miami Dolphins

“I am an NFL Player and I would bring my Mom to Illuminare for treatment.”

“I suffered an ACL tear during off-season training and had surgery. As an adjunct to my surgery, I integrated various regenerative medicine treatments that all work together to strengthen my Achilles and speed up my recovery process and I am feeling better and stronger than ever before!”

Jonathan Ledbetter

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